I studied languages at Bristol University, and lived in Latin America for some time. There I learnt to speak Spanish and Portuguese, 

having already studied French. I then married an Italian, so you could say Romance languages are my thing. 

After university I worked in TV and film production, and then after a few years decided I wanted to experience life in front of the camera, so went to Webber Douglas to train to be an actor. 


Since then I have acted on the stage and screen, also working more recently in Voice Over, using my own home studio.


In the late 1990s I became interested in using the skills I'd learnt to coach those in business. This started with role play and led on to facilitation and coaching. 

I particularly love working with those who find being in the spotlight difficult. Using my 25 years of experience, I use techniques - many of which are practical, 'quick fix' solutions - to draw out each client's unique, authentic performance.

I work both in groups and one to one with clients.